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Example of our Flora garden planter heads.
Even though you purchased your chosen garden planter heads for their design and the statement you want them to make in your garden, they are planters--just modeled in the shapes of heads.  They can be used in your garden just as they are and admired for their beauty or whimsical aesthetics, like the beautiful head planter shown at left, but chances are, you also intend to use them as planters.  

Obviously garden planter heads are not just plain ole pots.  They are unique planters, and need to be treated as such when growing plants in them.  All the basic principles of container planting need to be applied, especially with head planters, because of their unique design.  It's important for the presentation of your planter as well as the health of the plants growing in them. 

Planting Basics

Begin with drainage.  Do your garden planter heads have drainage holes in the planting area?  If so, cover the hole(s) with broken pottery, clay shards, or anything else that will serve the purpose of not allowing soil to block the drainage hole.  If there are no drainage holes, then special care must be taken to ensure the roots of your plants don't stand in water.  This means placing a layer of pebbles, marbles, plastic "peanuts," etc., in the bottom of the planting area.

Next comes soil choice.  This will be dictated by your selection of plants that will be growing in the planter head.  A good sterile, general potting soil mix is suggested, and can be purchased in any garden center, plant nursery, department store, etc.  Some brands even have slow-release fertilizer included within the soil mixture which will eliminate the feeding chore for an entire growing season.

Once your garden planter heads are all prepared as above, you can pot them up with your chosen plants and place them proudly in their places of honor indoor or outdoor.


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